Kim Radnell - Green Army Team Leader

Kim is the Green Army Team Leader for the 2015 Green Army round.

How long have you been with Parklands?

Two months, since the beginning of this Green Army round.

What brought you to Parklands?

I find it very frustrating seeing the degredation happening in our beautiful bushlands. I was familiar with Parklands and they do such good work - I'm really pleased to be able to contribute in this way.

What do you bring to Parklands?

Energy! I bring a certain drive; definitely passion. I bring a working knowledge of environmental weeds, and all of the background knowledge I gained from doing a Certificate 4 in Conservation and Land Management at the National Environment Centre.

What's your most memorable moment with Parklands so far?

Well its not so much the work, its more the interactions with the students. I love teaching them how to identify plants - taking the opportunity to point out different plants we come across and get out the Costerman's.... "So, OK, whats this then?"