Baranduda Landcare Group

Baranduda Landcare Group

Parklands are long term partners with the very active Baranduda Landcare group who have been carrying out works and projects since 1997. They focus on revegetation, weed control, roadside habitat care, nestbox programs and endangered flora and fauna, and run a series of well attended information nights each year.

In the early days

Ten years ago, the Baranduda Parklands end of the Baranduda Range used to be the colour purple (Patersons Curse) in spring with Genista (an environmental weed) spreading around the urban fringes into the Baranduda Range.

Through consistent and concerted efforts of Baranduda Landcare Group members over many years, the biological controls of Patersons Curse together with the removal of grazing have had significant success. Similarly, the resources of a number of youth trainee programs, including Green Corp, stopped the Genista in it's tracks.

Every July for the past ten years, the local schools have participated in National Schools Tree Day, planting in their school groups. Every year, regardless of the weather, at least 40 community members have rolled up their sleeves to plant trees for biodiversity and connectivity on Planet Ark National Tree Day.

Whilst these may seem like small things in isolation, this collective, concerted effort over so many years has had a significant impact on the region.

Current projects

Recent joint projects have included Second Generation Landcare and Bush Guardians Grants enabling Baranduda Landcare Group and Parklands Albury Wodonga to tackle the more inaccessible parts of the steep Baranduda Parklands area as well as extend these bush restoration efforts to the higher conservation value roadsides and degraded lower Yackandandah Creek and the Leneva section of Middle Creek.

Currently we are engaged with the Communities for Nature - Boosting Baranduda Biodiversity project which focuses on an area of Middle Creek bordering Baranduda and Leneva, Yackandandah Creek between Kiewa Valley Highway and Wodonga-Yackandandah Rd, Baranduda Parklands area and Wodonga-Yackandandah Roadsides in Baranduda.

This project has a number of key areas that work will be conducted on including;

  • Control of pests -Assessing pest animal populations, rabbit fumigation
  • Control of weeds - Applying herbicide, Physical removal, Assessing weed infestations
  • Cleaning up waterways - Assessing water (quality) habitat elements, fencing, removing rubbish, revegetation/replacement planting and recreation trail assessment
  • Revegetation - Fencing, Planting tubestock
  • Biodiversity and habitat preservation - Assessing habitat condition, Installing artificial habitat features (eg. Nest boxes), Installing artificial habitat features ie nestboxes
  • Engaging the community - Training, Preparing and distributing education material, Organising community events, Schools biodiversity program