Lester & Son Funeral Directors

Natural Memorial to lost loved ones

Why the initial interest:

We were considering ways to offset our company’s greenhouse gas emissions. There were national schemes that we could have joined but we preferred to act in our local community where Lester & Son has operated for over 100 years.

Benefit for Business:

Lester & Son has always been a supporter of local community groups and charities. We want to have a positive impact in the towns where we live and work and are proud to support a diversity of groups.

Whilst the memorial planting day is focused on giving back to the community, it is also a good opportunity to offer informal, follow up support to families that we have served. The memorial planting day helps families through the grieving process, particularly for those whose loved ones are buried far away. It gives people an opportunity to remember someone they love.

Benefit for Staff:

As a local, family owned, full service funeral home, providing 24 hour care and support, our staff are often working in difficult situations. The planting day is a fun, social occasion where we can all enjoy each others company. At the end of the day we can stand back and be proud of our efforts. We can now go back to areas that we have already planted and enjoy the satisfaction of having been a part of making it beautiful.

For more information:  www.lesterandson.com.au